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Ginfort is the ultimate evolution of ginger. Ginfort delivers the highest available gingeroid polyphenol content, at 26% total gingerols and shogaols, on the backdrop of cutting-edge clinical and safety data. This unique portfolio advances the trusted kitchen remedy beyond known limitations of having a high dose requirement, low solubility and anecdotal use-history, to an active that is convenient to take, solubility-enhanced and proven both safe and effective.

Highly Concentrated Gingeroids
Formulated with CO2 Extract of Ginger Rhizome


Ginger use dates back to as early as 400 BC, as both a culinary and medicinal spice in Asian cultures. Its primary therapeutic use involved remedying various upper gastrointestinal system issues, from dyspepsia and gastritis to indigestion and nausea. Ginger’s volatile oils, contributing at only 2-3% of the rhizome’s total composition, have been identified as the active involved in providing this relief. Though gingeroids (gingerols and shogaols) naturally make up about 50% of ginger’s volatile oil content, their overall low assay, lack of stability and lipophilic nature have resulted in limited clinical evidence, or evidence only with very high dosing (e.g. 2-4 g/day).

Ginfort delivers more than 12x the gingeroid and 6-gingerol content of traditional ginger rhizome preparations, without any solvents and with a proven stability, above specification over 2+ years.


The patented Ginfort advantage is availed from the application of Aqueosome technology.

This platform technology produces highly concentrated ginger extract powder from the ginger oleoresin with enhanced solubility of lipophilic gingeroids through the patented application of a blend of safe, food-grade inactives. This innovative step frees Ginfort from consumer-adverse bioenhancers like polysorbate and PVP, as well as absolving it from the unrestrained use of maltodextrin, as is common in spray-dried formats.


Human Efficacy studies

Gingeroids have carminative action – reducing gas, flatulence and bloating. They are also proposed to act as a prokinetic, promoting synchronized peristalsis, over dysfunctional stomach and small intestine motility – common abnormalities at the root of functional dyspepsia. 


Ginfort, taken in 200 mg capsules 2-times/day, was trialed in a 28-day double-blind, randomized controlled trial in subjects with Functional Dyspepsia. Interim benefits were also assessed at day 14 for a primary outcome of overall treatment efficiency as measured on a 7 point Likert Scale and secondarily, the elimination rate for three primary functional dyspepsia symptoms. Safety data was also collected and it was concluded that Ginfort intake was without consequence on any safety parameter.


Safety Studies

Ginfort has been thoroughly evaluated for safety as per OECD guidelines

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Delivery systems


Ginfort® & Aqueosome® is a registered trademark of Olene Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.,

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