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About Us

Olene is a pure play innovation driven company that currently has 13 industry leading patents including 4 platform technologies for application in human and animal nutrition

Olene’s patented platform technology, Aqueosome®, delivers highly concentrated, highly bioavailable and sustained release phytochemicals for long lasting and higher therapeutic benefits. Our Patented Curcumin product, Turmeric T5 ComplexTM , delivers the highest concentration of free curcumin to blood plasma and our Ginger product, Gingene®, contains the highest concentration of 6-Gingerols thereby reducing the dose to a 1-a-day capsule without compromising the therapeutic benefits. 

Olene’s AMD product that is currently under development will be the world’s first patented nutraceutical product to target wet AMD in humans. In the ongoing cell lines study, AMD product has shown a significant decrease in VEGF production from ARPE cells and decreased tube formation in HUVEC cells.

In the animal sector, NitriGen, a patented Slow Release non-protein nitrogen product developed by Olene is one of the world’s best non-protein nitrogen source for Ruminants. Likewise, Olene is working on developing Rumen bypass products such as lysine, methionine, sodium butyrate, vitamins and minerals on its patented platform technology.

Providing you with the best for the best care

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