Water dispersible and highly concentrated Boswellia extract

Standardized to >40% Acetyl keto- β-Boswellic acid (AKBA)

  • Water Dispersible formula for enhanced bioavailability

  • Palate friendly: Neutral taste & Neutral smell; requires no flavouring or taste masking

  • Supports Joint health and respiratory health

  • Smaller dose: 50 mg once daily (vs. 500 mg for generic Boswellia product)

  • 100% natural

  • Suitable for dietary supplement, functional foods, and food & beverage applications


Olene is a pure play innovation-driven company that currently has 13 industry leading patents including 4 (four) platform technologies for application in Human and Animal nutrition

Social Responsibility

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We seek and support organizations that enhance education or care for underprivileged children. Organizations we currently support include Cherian Foundation, Rotary International and Round Table India.