Aqueosome® Technology

Technology Highlights

  • Scientifically validated Platform technology: Superior to existing industry-leading technology
  • Aqueosome® technology outcomes:
    • Free flowing powders with highly active
    • Highly bioavailable
    • Sustained release up to 24 hrs
    • Highly safe products

Science behind Aqueosome® Technology

  • Complexation of Active ingredients:
    • Formation of Trimolecular complex
    • Enhances solubility and bioavailability of Active Ingredients

Formation of Aqueosome® Matrix

  • Entrapping Trimolecular complex inside natural matrix
  • Provides sustained release profile to Active Ingredients

Aqueosome® Matrix

  • A natural matrix entrapping trimolecular complex
  • It swells in the water releasing trimolecular complex of Active Ingredient into the Water, which forms Aqueosome®


  • Spherical structures in Aqueous Media carrying Trimolecular complex of Active Ingredient
  • Trimolecular complex is made up of Active ingredient and GRAS ingredients

Slow release of trimolecular complex containing Active Ingredient from Aqueosome® Matrix to form Aqueosome® in water